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Data Center Facilities

Your web site will be stored in an award winning, multi-million dollar datacenters known as the Equinix IBX Center trusted by the likes of Yahoo, Google,, and many others. Based in the heart of Chicago, IL, the datacenter is designed to withstand just about anything that mother nature can throw at it. It can continue to serve your website for months even if electricity is disconnected. We are hooked to several network providers and backbones in order to insure redundant connections to the Internet. Below are some photographs of The facilities. Please be patient. It may take a moment for the images below to fully load.

Every one of our web servers is connected to a line burst-able up to 100 MBPS -- even though our traffic levels have never bursted past 15 MBPS per server. Primary and secondary connections to the following Internet backbone providers: Time Warner, Internap, Bell South.

Lobby area



Server cages

Server cages

Hand geometry readers

Hand geometry readers

Digital closed circuit TV


Other impressive features at the IBX Center

> Digital closed circuit TV records literally everything that happens in the IBX Center.
> Impressive fire suppression systems will not disburse any chemicals or water unless several electronically controlled triggers are set off.
> Power generators and backup systems can insure long periods of uninterrupted power supplies, even if the outside power grids fail.


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