What Brexit means for .EU domain owners in the UK

If you own .EU domains and are a UK resident, you may already be aware of an announcement made by the European Commission last March on the future of .EU domains registered to UK organizations and individuals. In short, once the UK officially withdraws from the European Union, individuals with an address in the UK and Gibraltar, and UK companies ... Read More »

28th Feb 2019
Infrastructure Upgrade

to ensure reliability stability and security we plan to move our USA services onto new infrastructure
the upgrade is a state-of-the-art 10x more network capacity & redundancy to ensure customers able to rely on our service for years to come ????

15th Nov 2018
Server Software updates

Important announcement.Will be upgrading the primary PHP version and MySQL to 5.6 versions on all shared and reseller servers this Friday, 30th September, from 6pm UTC. Third party applications that are kept updated should continue working fine but if you have older applications or custom code we recommend that you ensure they are compatible with ... Read More »

26th Sept 2016
3 Joomla security tips against brute force attacks

We have many customers using Joomla, and there has been a lot of talk lately regarding Joomla Security and attacks on Joomla sites.
The following article has some great tips that you should follow


5th Sept 2013
RAID Array Issue

RAID Array Issue Status: Restore in Progress 40% USA3 server down Restoring entire server from backups We will keep you posted on https://twitter.com/HostBaronUSA Please use our UK support site if you have issues reaching our USA support http://www.hostbaron.co.uk/support/ Apologies for extended downtime and inconvenience it caused Read More »

21st Jul 2012
UK Datacentre Migration

This announcement is to provide notice of a datacentre move that will affect all our customers on UK servers.Date and time: Saturday 26th November 2011 from 10pm and 6am (GMT)--- Part one ---Our upstream colocation provider operates multiple datacentre facilities and we have recently been informed of their decision not to continue offering ... Read More »

22nd Nov 2011
USA3 server down

We experienced a hardware failure on USA3 server today. The issue was with the RAID card on this node, and we had operations technicians at the datacenter to investigate this further. Issues began as of 5 AM EST. We have been investigating this issue in depth. We have pinpointed a few problems and our operations technicians at the datacenter ... Read More »

15th May 2011
MySQL upgrade due on USA3 server

There will be an upgrade to the MySQL on our USA3 server on 15th January 2011 No disruption of service is envisaged. Although we will backup all data, all clients are advised to make their own backups as well. Clients that have custom programmed scripts in use should either contact the developer to ensure compatibility and/or reference the ... Read More »

16th Nov 2010
Welcome to our new client portal

After many years of good use with our old billing system, we have finally implemented a new client portal with the following features: * integrated billing * support system * knowledge base * file downloads * news & announcements Whilst we make some final tweaks to both the functionality and design, your feedback will be appreciated. Read More »

3rd Mar 2010